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I have used Mr. Quigley's services on several occasions for both purchase and refinance on multiple properties.  Thurl is extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, and an expert in his field. The transactions were fast, efficient, and flawless. Every transaction I felt Mr. Quigley served my best interests.  He provided great information along with a financial strategy for each situation. I would definitely recommend his services.


Denver, CO

Thurl is great to work with!


Berthoud, CO

I'm so glad I took the advice of a trusted neighbor to engage Thurl Quigley to handle the refinancing of my home. Coming highly recommended, Thurl lived up to every one of my expectations with excellence. I have dealt with multiple loan brokers over the years, none even coming close to what Thurl provided -- clear explanations, multiple options, zero pressure, accurate predictions, and timely sequencing of my choices. The weight of effort required to handle all the details for assembling the “package” to submit to lenders was taken substantially off my shoulders. He was welcoming and patient with all my calls and email inquiries. And as everything came together, it was actually fun to track interest rate trends with him to find the best time to lock. To say “I am satisfied” is an understatement. Without reservation, I recommend Thurl Quigley, TST Financial Inc., as a most competent professional.


Fort Collins, CO

My husband and I weren't first time homebuyers when we worked with Mr. Quigley, so we thought we knew what we were doing...that is until Thurl explained the motgage process to us in a much better way, and with much more detail than any of our past other lenders had! He also was available when we needed him for those crucial moments when a split decision can cost you thousands! I was a former realtor and I thought I had this process down pat, put Thurl went way above and beyond when it came to every detail of our transaction. He also was three steps ahead of the government guarantors and had us prepared for what they might ask for so they would have it when they asked instead of waiting and slowing up the process. Thurl is my favorite person on the biz and he offers the very best service anyone could ask for. Thank you Thurl!

W & H L.

Fort Collins, CO

Thurl is absolutely the most knowledgeable, helpful and considerate lender I have ever used. I have purchased several homes and even worked closely with lenders as a Realtor. I am so impressed with Thurl's knowledge and ability to explain everything so completely and easily. I will refer any and everyone I know who needs a lender to work with Thurl.He is a wonderful wealth of information and explains everything in great detail. I have never been so prepared for a loan closing, ever. I had no questions about anything I signed because Thurl explained every item before I even got to the closing.My easiest loan ever, and there were obstacles, but he smoothed them over "effortlessly". (Easy for me to say :).Very professional, great guy.


Estes Park, CO

Thurl kept my husband and I informed on all the paperwork and aspects of our loan. He was very thorough and left no question answered or page unturned. He went over and above some of the steps we needed to take regarding forms from us to complete our loan. If contact wasn't done by a telephone call, it was a text or email. I am so glad the Realtor who sold our home to us 20 years ago referred us to Thurl. We really appreciated everything he did to get rid of our 2nd mortgage and lower our payment on the 1st mortgage. We are actually lowering our debt and aiming at depleting some debt by year end.

J & D V.

Fort Collins, CO

Very helpful and honest with helping us purchase our home! Purchasing a home is obviously an extremely stressful time in anyone's life so it was nice to have someone who was on your side and even lets you vent when needed! Thurl has a very good sense of humor about those types of things and I know I am very appreciative of that! It was also a nice surprise to have him return calls even if it was during the evening or weekends.


Bailey, CO

Thurl was very responsive to my initial inquiries and saved me money after the loan was closed. He is very knowledgeable about various financial possbilities available and assisted me in making the best financial decisions. He even followed up after the loan was finalized to see if he could further assist me in other personal matters. I recommend Thurl to anyone needing financing information.


Windsor, CO

From when we were first introduced to Thurl we new we were in good hands and if we were going to get a loan Thurl would be the one to succeed. He was very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and responsive to questions and concerns we had. He made himself available to us 24/7 to make sure we understood and and had no doubts on what we wanted from our mortgage. We have had meetings over the phone late at night discussing our questions and anything that may be bothering us. To be honest I would say by the time our loan was finalized we felt as though we had gained a dear friend. I would have no problem at this time to call up Thurl and ask any mortgage questions I might have and I feel assured he would make himself available to answer any questions we might have no matter how long it would take. Thurl was very informative regarding the interest rates and how they were flucuating at the time of our loan and we feel assured we received the best he could get us. We would definatly highly recommend Thurl to anyone in the process of needing a home loan. It gave us a good feeling knowing Thurl was working for us on our behalf because we new he was working on our behalf and he was so knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the loan and so friendly too.


Bailey, CO



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